Divorce Planning

Understanding your financial situation today, the first day after the divorce and several years down the line will save you money and heartache in the future.

Divorce Planning Services

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For Couples Going Through Divorce and Post-Divorce

I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) which means I can work with individuals and couples at all stages of divorce – before, during and after on their finances. My services include examining asset division options, providing a cash flow analysis and clarifying the future implications of the financial decisions (i.e., paying for college and/or retirement) made during divorce. For post-divorce planning, we work toward reestablishing your financial goals and create a roadmap that will allow you accomplish your new goals. I help families not only survive the divorce process, but show them that they will be okay on the other side.

Divorce Resources

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Check out these useful links to help guide you through every aspect of the divorce process, including legal, financial, emotional and parenting.

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