Creating Financial Roadmaps For College and Divorce

Financial Specialist

Tanya Aure

I am a financial advisor that specializes in both college and divorce planning. I came into the financial industry soon after I went through my divorce almost 7 years ago. All of a sudden I was a single mother without any family nearby or steady source of income. My children and the money I had put aside for their education was one of my first concerns.  I discovered that college financial planning was a niche service in the financial industry and I decided to make that the focus of my financial practice. As my practice unfolded, I had many divorced parents come in to ask about how they can/should pay for college. I examined their financial situations and showed them how best to approach the financial aid system and pay for college.


college financial planning in San Diego, CA,  Image of Tanya Aure

Because of my own experience and working with divorced parents through the college process, I expanded my practice to include comprehensive divorce financial planning.  I obtained my Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) designation which allows me to guide people through their asset division options, cash flow analysis and clarify what impact these financial decisions will have in the future (i.e., college and retirement). My purpose is to help people understand that they will be ok after the divorce.

Some background about me — I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA.  I moved to Cleveland, OH, for college and graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a B.A. in English and History.  I continued on to law school at Case Western School of Law.  After graduating from law school and living in San Diego for a few years, I moved to Washington, DC, and built a successful career in legal publishing with Bloomberg BNA. I returned to San Diego in 2010.  I live with my husband, Ben, my two children, Henry and Carsten, my pug, Mac and Flopsy, the bunny.