Creating Financial Roadmaps For College and Divorce

Financial Specialist

Tanya Aure

Tanya is a financial consultant specializing in divorce and college planning.  As a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA®), Tanya works as either a neutral or an advocate to support couples going through a divorce to understand their current financial picture and what their new financial situation will be after the divorce. She plans for not only immediately after the divorce, but also several years down the line.  Having gone through her own divorce, Tanya understands that every financial decision made today will have an impact later.  She guides people through their asset division options, cash flow analysis and creates a new financial roadmap.


college financial planning in San Diego, CA,  Image of Tanya Aure

As a certified college financial consultant (CCFC), Tanya can assess a family’s situation and create a plan to pay for college, whether they have saved or not.  Although saving for college can be somewhat straightforward, paying for college in a way that is tax efficient and does not deplete the family’s finances can be tricky.  Tanya’s knowledge of the financial aid system and how best to pay for colleges can save families thousands of dollars. 

Tanya is originally from Pittsburgh, PA.  She moved to Cleveland, OH, for college and law school.  She graduated from Case Western Reserve University and Case Western School of Law.  After graduation, she moved to San Diego for a few years and then moved to Washington, DC, where she became a legal editor for Bloomberg BNA. Tanya returned to San Diego in 2010 and lives with her family in Point Loma.